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Document Filing, Approval and Permit Insurance

We will file the appropriate applications as required. We will meet with Department of Buildings personnel as necessary to obtain approvals and secure permits.

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Document Signoff Coordination

As a job nears completion, we coordinate all required special inspection reports, departmental inspections and mechanical equipment use cards. We will contact the designated professionals and contractors to obtain all required signatures on required documents. Upon receipt of all final documents, we will file them with the Department of Buildings and request the Letter of Completion to officially sign off the project.

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Document Preparation

We will prepare all filing documents for Department of Buildings’ review,. This includes coordination of all documents by all required parties such as the Architect of Record, the Professional Engineer, the Building Owner/Manager and/or the General Contractor.

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Drawing Review

Throughout all phases of your project, we will review your architectural drawings for compliance with Building Code and Zoning Requirements.

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  • Department of Buildings Class 2 Registered Code & Zoning Representatives
  • Construction & Zoning Determinations (a.k.a Pre-considerations & Re-considerations) Filings
  • Application Filings for Alt 1, Alt 2, Alt 3, NB, etc.
  • Place of Assembly Application Filings
  • Subdivision & Lot Merger Filings
  • Plan Examiner Meetings
  • Work Permit Filings: General Construction, Plumbing, Mechanical, and more.
  • Equipment Use Permit Filings
  • Demo Permit Filings
  • Curb Cut Filings
  • BPP Application Filings
  • Sign Permit Application Filings
  • Fire Alarm Application Filings
  • Sprinkler Application Filings
  • Limited Alteration Application (LAA) Filings
  • OP98 Filings
  • Contractor Registration & Insurance Updating
  • After Hour Work Variances, Initial & Renewal Filings
  • Stop Work Order Removals
  • Construction Inspection Scheduling & Attendance
  • CO & Letter of Completion (LOC)
  • Letter of No Objection (LNO) Filings
  • Property Record & Violation Research
  • Violation Removal and Correction


  • Contractor Registration & Insurance Updating
  • Sidewalk, Curbs & Roadway Permit Filings
  • Canopy Application Filings


  • Violation Research and Removal
  • Hearing Representation
  • Certificate of Correction Filing


  • Reduction of Fees
  • Condominium Application Filings
  • Subdivision & Lot Merger Application Filings
  • Certified Tax Map Copies

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~ Galit Tsadik